Your MEG Story

You are going to come to visit us for a MEG session!

An MEG measures brain waves. This lets us see how different parts of your brain talk to each other.

On the day you come in, this is what we will do. First, we will talk to your mom or dad for a few minutes.

Next, we will talk to you for a few minutes. We will tell you about the MEG and you can ask questions. If you agree to have an MEG, you will sign your name for us.

Next, you will change into special clothes.

During the MEG, we will measure when you blink. We measure this by putting special buttons next to your eyes. Before we can put on the buttons, we have to make sure your skin is super clean, so we will clean it with our special soap, using a q-tip!

...Now come the buttons! We will use special tape to make sure the buttons stay on.

We will also put buttons on your forehead and behind your ears that tell us when you move your head.

You will wear silly glasses that will help us find different places on your head. You will only wear them for a few minutes.

Next, we will use a special pen without ink to trace the shape of your head. The pen doesn’t hurt and doesn’t leave any marks on you.

Next, we will open the [cool] door and we will walk into the MEG room.

Inside the room with the MEG, you will sit in a chair and we will lift you up into the MEG. It will feel like you are wearing a helmet. The MEG looks a little bit like a space shuttle!

For most of the time, you can watch one of your movies without sound. You will wear ear plugs. You might hear some funny sounds through your ear plugs. You may also put on a finger glove that has a little balloon inside.

You might not need to do anything except watch your movie, or we might ask you to play some or our games! You will push a button when you see different things on a screen.

You are all done in the MEG!

Now, we will take the special buttons off.

Thanks for doing such a great job! You can now pick a prize from the treasure box!

If you have any questions, ask your mom or dad, or you can ask us. You are going to do such a great job! We can't wait to meet you!!