Your MRI Story

An MRI is a big camera that uses magnets to take pictures of your brain.

Before we start, we will talk with your Mom or Dad about the MRI. You can sit on the bed or watch your movie while we talk.

First, we will practice with our pretend MRI scanner. It’s not as big as the real MRI.

You will hear the sounds that the MRI camera makes. We will practice wearing earplugs because the sounds can be loud.

You can wear headphones over the earplugs and listen to your movie.

It is very important that you stay really still when we take pictures. You can practice lying on the bed.

Next, we will put on our really cool camera!

Then, we will practice using the special squeeze ball. The squeeze ball is only for emergencies.

Next, you will change into special clothes. We use our magic wand to make sure you are not wearing any metal. You can try the magic wand too

You are now ready to enter the MRI room!

First, you will lie down on the bed.

Then, we will put the special camera on!

Now you're ready to go into the MRI and watch your movie! Remember to stay really still while we are taking pictures. Mom or Dad can sit next to you the whole time!

When you are finished, you will get a really cool picture of your brain and a prize!