An MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) is a safe, non-invasive method that uses a magnet to take pictures of the brain. The MRI machine, or scanner, is shaped like a tunnel. During the MRI, the participant will lie on a padded table that slides into the large plastic tunnel. The participant will be placed in the tunnel from his or her head to about the middle of his or her thighs.

For Child Participants

Before the MRI, we will show your child our "mock scanner." A mock scanner is a fake scanner that looks like an MRI machine but does not have any magnets. During the mock scanner session, we will explain to your child what will happen in the MRI. Your child will practice lying still and listen to the sounds the MRI machine makes.

During the actual MRI, your child will be able to watch a movie of his or her choice the entire time. You will be able to stay in the MRI room with your child during the MRI study. A staff member trained to work with all types of children will also be present throughout the study.